What a year!  In the fall of 2019, we were so excited to plan the fifth annual Spiritus Masters event.  We made plans for a huge party-like event to celebrate both this milestone anniversary and the monumental impact of the new drug Trikafta on the adult cystic fibrosis patients served by Spiritus Project.  Plus, we saw the potential to meet our stretch goal of raising $500,000 in 5 years for Spiritus Project.

We were several months into planning for the April 20 event when COVID-19 changed those plans.  It caused us to consider postponing or even cancelling the event. We struggled mightily with the decision as the facts (and opinions) on the COVID situation evolved.

However, we anchored our decision to proceed with the event on the needs of our patient population.  They are a tough crew, and have dealt with a number of COVID-related issues (shortness of breath, use of face masks, need for oxygen, public scorn, inability to work due to illness, etc.) for most of their lives.  While Trikafta was a very positive development for these patients, COVID has been a huge setback.  The need for financial assistance with basic needs such as food, lodging, utilities and transportation is higher than ever.

So, the all-volunteer team at Spiritus Project and the Verdict Ridge team dug deep and figured out a way to conduct a safe, socially distanced golf event on July 27.  We used the cart barn instead of the dining room for meals; took temperatures as golfers and volunteers arrived; provided masks, gloves and hand sanitizer; conducted our silent auction online instead of in person and many other tweaks.  Instead of planning for cool weather and spring storms like we normally do in April, we planned for 95 degree heat and afternoon thunderstorms.  All of this while trying to provide a festive, party-like atmosphere for the event!

AND IT WORKED!  Thanks to the efforts of the above folks, and with the support of neighbors, friends, business colleagues and family, we came tantalizingly close to hitting our goal.  The funds raised at the five Spiritus Masters events conducted at Verdict Ridge are the primary source of funding for Spiritus Project.  With your help, we have touched lives over 1,500 times in five years through financial assistance and/or hospital admission and refill bags.  That means that roughly every day since we started, we have impacted a patients life in some way.  Some impacts were large, some were small, but all were part of Jessica Link’s vision to improve the lives of adult cystic fibrosis patients

Take a look at the fun that our participants enjoyed in previous Spiritus Masters events!

Thanks again to our premium sponsors (presenting sponsor DataSite Corporation, Knox, Brotherton, Knox & Godfrey, Williams Custom Homes, Bottomline Technologies, Zenmonics, and Dr. Jay and Sheila Selle)!  Special thanks to the friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, local businesses, tournament committee for their support and efforts in helping the all-volunteer team at Spiritus Project pull this off.  You can find many of them recognized for their contributions in this year's program below:

Many thanks to the event volunteers, some of whom worked from sunup to late evening to pull of this event.  Lynn Brotherton did a masterful job of pulling this team together to provide the golfers and sponsors with a day full of memories.

 Take a look at some of the fun from this year's event!

...as well as pictures of our supportive golfers!

And, if you are interested in supporting this event or this cause, contact Helen Beals Link or Robby Link!

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