The purpose of Spiritus Project is to provide various forms of direct, need-based financial assistance to adult Cystic Fibrosis patients in an effort to reduce stress and provide an improved quality of life.  The primary focus of the Spiritus Project is to assist North Carolina-based cystic fibrosis patients.  

Cystic Fibrosis is an expensive disease.  Specialized medicines are required to help manage the impacts of this disease on the lungs and pancreas.  Secondary complications often develop from various drugs used to treat the primary symptoms, including sinus infections, diabetes, weight loss, hypertension, anxiety, etc.  Specialized medical equipment is often needed to help with airway clearance, to nebulize various medicines, and to provide oxygen as lung function declines over time.  Cystic fibrosis patients must consume large quantities of high calorie foods to combat malabsorption and high metabolism issues associated with this disease.

Examples of assistance provided to adult cystic fibrosis patients include:

  • paying for transportation, food or lodging for medical appointments,
  • paying for necessary prescriptions, medical fees or medical equipment,
  • paying for household expenses (rent, utilities, food, etc.) during times of financial stress,
  • paying for occasional outings, technology, or services to improve the general quality of life, and
  •  and funding for Spiritus Project admission and refill bags containing items that will improve the hospitalization experience for patients

Launched in early 2015, Spiritus Project has positively affected the lives of North Carolina-based cystic fibrosis patients and their families.​​