Your efforts and support are truly making a difference.  Please see feedback from patients, caregivers and families below and also on the Spiritus Project Facebook page:

  • From a patient receiving assistance with food - "There have been so many tough months with being out of work while in the hospital but Spiritus has been there every single time to bring me out of that dark spot. I would have survived on only ramen and bread without their help. I’d like to thank this project from the bottom of my heart for everything they’ve done for not only myself but every other person who has been in that same dark spot only to be brought out of it by this organization".
  • From the parents of a patient - "My daughter has been in and out of the hospital a few times over the years and she has always been excited to see what wonderful gifts The Spiritus Project would leave for the inpatients. My daughter has received blankets, small games, puzzles, warm socks... Just little things that break up the monotony of a long hospital stay. You won't believe what even the most menial things can do to a spirit... Thank you, Spiritus Project, for giving my daughter something to look forward to in such a dreary time in her life."
  • From a nurse - "The UNCH team members are grateful they have chosen our patients to support and allow us to help support them.  They <the Spiritus Project team> are always saying how grateful and appreciative they are of us and what we do, but their tireless work and efforts to help this underserved patient population goes above and beyond...
    Jessica left us in early 2015, but her spirit, purpose and desire to help others in need lives on with the Spiritus Project."   

  • From a social worker - "thank you so, so much for all that you all do as I’ve seen it make such a wonderful difference in so many of our CF patients’ lives..."
  • From a patient receiving help with multiple hospital and medical bills - ​"“I appreciate you all and your willingness to help keep me out of financial destruction.  You have no idea how much of a weight will be lifted from my shoulders. ”
  • From a patient receiving financial assistance to purchase food - "...thank you so much!  This is really going to help a lot.  I really appreciate all your help! " 
  • From a social worker - "You have no idea how much Spiritus Project helps us as providers.  When our patients come to us for help, it is incredibly heartening to have somewhere to send them.  You have come through for so many patients who’ve had nowhere else to go for help.”
  • From a patient receiving assistance to purchase food - "This has just lifted so much off of me.. I'm beyond grateful what you have done for me and I could never thank this foundation enough. Thank you so much"
  • From a patient receiving help restoring non-working heating and air conditioning - "Thank you so much... it's a colossal help.  Truly a blessing, thank you again."
  • From a patient receiving financial assistance -  "I just want to thank you so much for what you do for us! ...I live on my own and my parents help me as much as they can but they also struggle... I am truly blessed and you have touched my heart with what you are doing for us! Thank you!"
  • From a patient receiving assistance with rent and food - "Thank you so much for all your help this year.  Spiritus has made life with CF  easier and better for me in so many ways... When I was admitted to UNC two years ago, I was given my first Spiritus Project bag.  In it were several things including  the white blanket and cheetah print slippers!  Since then, I  bring them with me every time..they bring me so much comfort and joy to my heart.  Words can't express how grateful and thankful I am for all your help!  "
  • From a physician - "You all at Spiritus blow me away! We feel what you do everyday in the hospital... and are so impressed by what you're able to accomplish, in terms of assistance to so many patients with so many issues, and in terms of getting the good word out. Thanks a million!!!"
  • From a patient receiving assistance with rent and food - "This literally made me cry!  Thank you so much for the help! ...This just took an enormous amount of stress off my shoulders! "
  • From a patient receiving assistance with car repairs and food - "OMG! We appreciate it so so much!  Thank you - I can't say it enough! ❤" 
  • From a patient receiving assistance with medical equipment - " bring me to tears every time!! I appreciate your generosity SO MUCH! I can't wait to be financially stable and be able to bless Spiritus Project the way you have blessed me.  The stress you have saved me from this year has been outstanding! There is NO DOUBT that you have been a huge help in preserving my health!!"
  • From a patient receiving assistance with utilities and other expenses - "Thank you. I hope someone made your day because you made mine!"
  • From a patient receiving assistance with rent payments - "I'm starting to feel better every day! Thanks again so much for the help! I really appreciate it, I can't even truly express though this email how grateful I am right now."
  • From a social worker - "...I just heard from one of my patients who is very excited about the treadmill Spiritus is providing her.  I think it will make a difference for her- thank you for what you do! "
  • From a parent of a patient - "...Thank you for your generous gift to my daughter when she entered the hospital, yet again, for a rugged course of IV therapy...the gift bag was spot on! This is the most well-thought-out, most useful, and most appropriate set of gift items we have seen, and we are very grateful to you... Please know that what you do makes a difference".
  • From a patient receiving assistance with a major transportation expense - "Thank you so much for your help...I can't express just how grateful I am to have this burden lifted off of me!"
  • From a patient receiving assistance with exercise equipment - " arrived today!!! Thank you so much for all the assistance to the CF community.  Spiritus Project is a beautiful asset to us all.  Blessings to all and thank you so much again!"
  • From the family of a patient receiving assistance with medical supplies - "This organization is SO wonderful! In addition to providing very thoughtful, comforting gifts to adult patients… they provide much-needed assistance for expenses that often fall through the cracks when a patient is facing unexpected hardships, insurance issues, etc.  It can sometimes feel as though adult CF patients get forgotten, despite the fact that the average age of the CF population is aging due to advances--Spiritus helps ensure these patients get what they need to stay well and makes sure they don't feel forgotten… As the wife of a CF patient who was inpatient for about a third of the year… it was amazing to have someone to turn to when all of our other efforts had fallen through. Thank you SO much!"
  • From a patient receiving financial assistance for housing and medicine co-pays - "...Wow.  My god.  You have no idea what an amazing blessing this is. I am in tears.  Speechless.  Thank you so so so much.  I'm in disbelief...."
  • From a Spiritus Bag recipient - "...I recently moved here...and had my first visit as an inpatient at UNC Chapel Hill.  What a wonderful surprise your goody bag was.  It brought a smile to my face.  Your blanket is now on our bed everyday at home...the other items were a wonderful gift to help me pass time in the hospital, especially since I am 1200 miles away from my support system and extended family..."
  • From a Spiritus Bag recipient - "I was recently touched by...your bag gift at UNC hospitals...I caught the flu and had to be admitted on Christmas Eve. I was of course bummed about being in the hospital over Christmas.  My son...and my wife and I had plans of making a special Christmas...

    The hospital was quiet...It seemed most everyone was either trying to go home before the holidays or others toughing it out and waiting till after the holidays to come in.  I kept teasing with the nurses asking them what time Santa was coming because I needed to go to bed.  This was me more less trying to make light of being in the hospital Christmas Eve. The next morning I asked them if Santa came and they said he did.  One of the nurses brought in one of your bags.  

    It warmed my heart and spirit to see such love and thoughtfulness...Your gift did make my stay a bit brighter.
  • From a patient receiving assistance with temporary living and food - "...You don't know how much I appreciated that hot shower last night...the bed was so comfortable that I almost instantly fell asleep...they had eggs, 2 kinds of sausage, waffles, grits, oatmeal, etc. for breakfast!  Needless to say I'm VERY well taken care of!  I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me!"
  • From a patient receiving assistance with temporary living and food - "Our stay...has been absolutely wonderful.  The staff that work here are all extremely nice.   The room we are staying in is beautiful.  Not to mention the delicious food... I've been going over to the exercise room a few times a day to get my PFTs even stronger..thank y'all so very much for practically saving us by giving us food and a safe place to stay."
  • From a patient receiving financial assistance with a medical device - "This device works so well for me, it is amazing.  ...For a long time I thought that I would never be able to get one, but you made it possible... You have also helped me while I have been in the hospital with the Spiritus bag and the refill bags!  All that stuff that comes in those bags come in handy while I'm in the hospital and also at home.  I can't thank you enough!!"
  • From a UNC nurse - "...It was such a joy watching patients and their family members open the Spiritus bag.  The big bag came in handy for a family thinking about getting a bag to place everything they need to come to the hospital.   The nail polish made someone smile because she was just thinking about painting her nails..."
  • From a Spiritus bag recipient - "Thank you for your efforts, this is my first hospitalization in over a year...your bag brought a little light to my stay at UNC."
  • From a former UNC CF nurse who recently returned to Chapel Hill after a year away - "... I saw the Spiritus bag on his chair and I just froze! He probably thought I was crazy because I suddenly had THE BIGGEST smile on my face and got so soo excited to see it. I think it's so awesome that you and your team of volunteers has continued this project. I see your posts about the fundraisers and it makes me so happy to see all the progress. Thank you for what you do, for making a difference and investing in other people's lives! It is so encouraging to see what you guys have accomplished."
  • From a Spiritus Bag recipient - "I have been a patient at UNC since birth! ... I received my first Spiritus bag this hospital admission and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate and loved it!!! Such an awesome idea!"
  • From a UNC nurse - "Just dropping a note to say I am so honored to pass several Spiritus bags to my patients. They were all so grateful and happy to get them! Thanks again for all you do."
  • From a request for assistance - "...Thank you for your consideration with this.  I know that your funding helps so many.  I appreciate all you are doing for fellow CFers. Your project has helped me more than you'll ever know. 
  • From the UNC cystic fibrosis clinic staff - "...Thank you so very much for your help!! I cannot express to you in words enough how much patients are loving their bags. It means so much to them.  We just got <redacted> approved for the supplements with a new program. This couple of months you provided will help so much while it all gets underway..."
  • From a Spiritus Bag recipient - "...I received the goodie <Spiritus Bag> with all the amazing stuff in it.  Thank you so much.  I never knew Jessica but she seems like she was and, wherever she is now, is an amazing person.  That quote that she liked... It stands for everything I stand for so if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here.  Thank you again for bringing her dream to life and helping my hospital stay.  What absolute beautiful souls you have..."
  • From a UNC nurse - "...I was in a patient's room passing a handful of morning medications when a Spiritus bag caught my attention.  I cannot help but stop and ask my patient where it came from.  She told me it came from volunteer services.  When I saw the name "Spiritus" on the bag I remembered Jessica.  I had to go online and showed my patient about your organization.

    Anyway, I am writing to let you know that this is such a beautiful and touching way of you honoring her.  Even the contents reminded me of her stay ( especially the fragrant stuff).  That single bag had brought tears to my eyes and to other nurses when I mentioned what it was about. I thank you all for making a difference and putting a smile on my CF patients..."

  • From a Spiritus Bag recipient - "...I would like to thank you for your sweet gift I just received while sitting here in the Hospital...I stay here by myself while my husband is at home taking care of my children... I don't have any visitors while I'm here in and am okay with that because I just want to make sure my kids are taken care of while I'm trying to get better.  Then to receive a gift is very heart warming and grateful someone thought of doing this.  Thank you and God bless you all..." 
  • From a request for assistance - "...I am a cystic fibrosis patient at UNC Chapel Hill, They gave me some information to contact you to see if I could get some help from you...I am trying to get funds to move in a apartment.  I have been through so much in the last couple of years.  I have also been in and out the hospital due to malnutrition and infections in my lungs.  I am really in need of some help so any amount of funding would help... I have been calling around hoping and praying something come through.  

    I also received one of the bags.  It was really nice and I enjoyed everything that was given to me, and I want you to know that I really appreciated it...It brought tears to my eyes..."
  • From a UNC nurse - "...while I was in a CFers room I saw the Spiritus bag on his chair and I just froze!  He probably thought I was crazy because I suddenly had THE BIGGEST SMILE on my face and got so soo excited to see it.  I think it's so awesome that you and your team of volunteers has continued this project.  I see your posts about the fundraisers and it makes me so happy to see all the progress.  Thank you for what you do, for making a difference and investing in other people's lives! It is so encouraging to see what you guys have accomplished!..."