In 2017,  we responded to nearly 125 patient requests for assistance and delivered 125 hospital admission and refill  bags.   Since founding Spiritus Project in March, 2015, we've provided over 225 Spiritus hospital admission bags and over 275 refill bags to North Carolina-based adult cystic fibrosis patients.  

With your help,  the all-volunteer team at Spiritus Project has positively impacted well over 500 patients, family, caregivers and other related parties since being founded in early 2015.  THANK YOU!

Recent examples of financial assistance provided to patients include:

  • January, 2018 - Midway thru January, it is apparent that the extended cold weather and flu season is having an impact on patients.  We've already received nearly 20 requests for assistance, mostly for essentials such as help with utilities, food, housing and transportation.  
  • December, 2017 - Again, helped several patients with basic necessities such as housing, food, utility and transportation.  Provided financial assistance for legal assistance to prevent foreclosure.  Provided assistance to cover in-home care for end-stage patient.  
  • November, 2017 - Helped numerous patients with housing, food, utility and transportation needs.  Provided financial assistance for uncovered in-home assistance.  Provided educational assistance.  Provided new equipment to UNC staff to store and manage Spiritus bags.
  • October, 2017 - Purchased dehumidifier to improve air quality in patient home.  Provided transportation and food assistance for extended hospitalization.  Helped with auto repairs to insure patient could get to required appointments.  Provided assistance with rent, utilities and food for several patients.   
  • September, 2017 - Provided assistance with rent and food for several patients.  Paid medical bills for patient.  Helped purchase generator for patient to allow treatments to continue during power outage.  Paid a retainer for attorney to help avoid foreclosure for patient and family due to damage sustained in hurricane Matthew.  Provided transportation assistance for patient to doctor appointments.
  • August, 2017 - Provided mobile medical equipment not covered by insurance for patient to facilitate lengthy ride to/from hospital.
  • July, 2017 - Provided food assistance for patient family.  Provided temporary housing assistance for patient family during move that occurred during patient hospital stay.  Paid medical bills for patient so that needed appointments could be scheduled once again.  Paid cell phone bills for several patients so that doctors and pharmacy can be in touch again.  Provided assistance with rent for patient who was out of work during recent hospitalization.  Provided assistance with utility bills for several patients.
  • June, 2017 -   Provided funding for medical devices not covered by insurance for several patients.  Provided financial assistance for uncovered medical expenses for several patients.  Assisted with replacement of broken air conditioning.  Assisted family with funeral expenses for recently deceased patient.   Provided food, lodging and transportation assistance for clinic appointment.  Provided food assistance for patient due to gap in family income due to illness and hospitalization.  Provided insurance and utility assistance for hospitalized patient. 
  • May, 2017 - Provided financial assistance for major auto repair that prevented them from getting necessary medical attention.  Provided financial assistance for utilities for several patients.   Provided emergency rent assistance due to loss of income associated with hospitalization.  Provided funds for computer repairs.  Provided assistance with car payments due to extra costs associated with transplant evaluation.
  • April, 2017 - Provided funding for emergency transportation to assist a patient to UNC Hospital.  Provided financial assistance to a patient facing imminent disconnection of power.  Provided financial assistance to a patient for phone, utilities and insurance.  Paid for eye exam for patient.
  • March, 2017 - Provided financial assistance with rent and utilities to cover loss of income from job due to extended hospitalization.  Provided building supplies needed for completion of small residence for patient.  Provided financial assistance for transportation and child care to facilitate patient hospitalization on accelerated schedule.  Provided financial assistance with transportation and utilities expenses.   Provided required exercise equipment for maintaining lung function to replace older, broken equipment.  Provided emergency financial assistance to pay mortgage for patient awaiting lung transplant.
  • January, 2017 - Provided financial assistance to assist with non-covered expenses associated with double lung transplant.  Provided financial assistance to help with initial expenses for construction of small residence for patient displaced by Hurricane Matthew.  Provided financial assistance with housing expenses and medical co-pays due to hospitalization.  In the last week of January alone, we provided assistance with housing/relocation, physical therapy, car payments due to job loss by a parent caring for an adult child with cystic fibrosis, and a technology assistance request for vocational training for a patient.  

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